Initial Consultation

The first meeting is to explain the concepts of Ayurveda and together to discover your Dosha or constitution, which will form the basis for all the work we do. Our goal is to:

  • Bring your body and mind into balance
  • Understand your primary health and lifestyle concerns
  • Address your concerns with a plan tailored to your unique needs

Second Visit: We will review the lifestyle or treatment plan. This will include diet/nutrition, breathing techniques, herbs/spices or teas, and other daily/weekly routines (self-massage, meditation or quiet time, self-care).

Subsequent Visits: We will continue the work as needed on your diet/nutrition and begin to address specific health concerns. This process is like peeling an onion, as you regain your optimal health and balance we will be peeling away the layers of lifestyle choices that have brought you less than perfect health and wellbeing. I can help you replace old negative choices with positive and healthy choices, which will become second nature.

All consultations are by appointment only and offered on a limited basis.

Please email me at for more information, to discuss your health concerns or to make an appointment.

Download the intake form below in advance of your appointment.