Ayurveda Simple

Through my company, Ayurveda Simple, I seek to bring the wisdom of an ancient Eastern healing system to those with a Western lifestyle in an easy and understandable way.

Ayurveda Simple offers classes, individual consultations, and customized nutritional and personal care products. I teach from my offices in Sebastopol, while my clinical practice has branches in both Seattle and Sebastopol.

Classes translate Ayurvedic knowledge into simple-to-use ideas and new routines to support health.  You can take a practical class on cooking, learn movement and breath techniques to support health, or take a deep dive into the centuries of Ayurvedic and yogic knowledge that underpin my work. Given how central digestion is to health, a focus on nutrition, including tasting herbs and spices, is almost always part of my classes. Students say classes are lively and engaging!

When you book a consultation, you benefit from my years of clinical experience and training, and we create a customized road to health and healing. I always strive to treat the underlying cause of your concerns, not just your symptoms. I use both traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine principles, while understanding Western medicine diagnoses, in all of my client work.

When you order my customized products, you will treat yourself with delicious foods and luxurious care products, all made with the freshest ingredients and tailored to your personal needs.

Retreats are planned for the future, and will combine elements of classes, customized consults, and the use of my most popular products.  We will announce them on this website, and also will send emails. Sign up here to receive announcements and my posts on health and the seasons with Ayurveda.

Look on my “Services” page to see upcoming classes; make an appointment with me here.  Order products directly here.

I hope Ayurveda Simple can accompany you on your journey to health and wellness.