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All it takes is one action to begin a chain of events to change everything.  With Ayurveda Simple we are inviting you to Act Now, no matter where you are in the continuum of Health and Wellness.  It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, in pain, stressed, depressed or just want to increase your longevity by adopting healthier habits; Ayurveda Simple is for you.

Our approach is to take the basic concepts of Eastern Sciences, primarily Ayurveda – a 5000 year old science and adapt it to the modern world.  You will learn about the individual body constitution you were born with, called Doshas.  This may shed some light on many of the health concerns you are coping with.

In our program we encourage mindful eating, drinking, breathing, and moving.  When this is accomplished everyday and any level you will Smile or maybe laugh.  We guarantee you will be on the right track towards health and balance.  As you begin this program you will gain a deeper understanding of your symptoms (stress, insomnia, pain, digestive discomfort etc) and as you do the work you will notice many of your symptoms beginning to decrease.

Ayurveda Simple is an education and support program to help you live a healthier happier balanced life one act at a time.

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